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Tax Planning is all about knowing what you have to pay, what you don't have to pay and when you need to pay it. When it comes to tax, no-one wants to or should pay more than is necessary.

Tax Planning

Achieving maximum tax efficiency means that you need to plan ahead, so we will work with you to identify opportunities to reduce your tax bills at the earliest stages. At Root Accountants we can do this for both your Business and personal tax.

Business Tax

For any business achieving tax efficiency means that you keep money that might otherwise have gone to the taxman, to help fund current or future commitments or growth. We would always suggest that we take a look at your business draft results before the year end to give you an idea of the tax bills. You can then consider if there are any commercial decisions that could be taken to reduce your tax liability.

Personal Tax Planning

This is essential to minimise tax liabilities. At Root Accountants we offer a specialist personal tax planning service tailored to you and your individual needs that includes advice on minimising tax liability for personal taxes. This may include looking at the timing of dividends from your limited company, timing of pension payments and considering the various tax thresholds.

We can also advise on issues including Capital Gains tax and because your business and personal lives are closely linked, we can identify opportunities to minimise your Inheritance tax liability, so that you’ll know your family will have financial security when you are no longer around.


Business Taxation

At Root Accountants we will always take the time to develop a thorough understanding of your business and your plans for the future before providing the best solution to minimise your tax liabilities.


Personal Taxation

Personal tax is a necessary evil for many people. At Root Accountants we can calculate and help you understand your personal tax liabilities, and any ways to minimise these.