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Regular Profit and Cash Flow forecasts are vital to business owners and managers. Without them you face an uphill struggle no matter what age or size your business is!

Profit/Cash Flow Forecasting

These forecasts provide the critical information you need on how the business needs to perform. This information is not only necessary for the owners and directors but also for potential providers of finance.

As well as being invaluable planning tools, profit and cash flow forecasts often prove essential for start-ups to obtain business funding – and for established businesses to secure additional funding for growth.

At Root Accountants our integrated profit and cash flow forecasting services include:

  • Preparing profit and cash flow budgets and forecasts for management and external bodies such as banks.
  • Creating ‘what if’ models to assess the consequences of specific decisions on profit and cash flow.
  • Integrating Profit and Cash Flow forecasting into the regular planning process.
  • Comparing monthly and annual results against targets and investigating any variances to budget.



Administering payroll is becoming increasingly difficult for many businesses, taking more and more time and valuable resource away from core business functions.


Annual Accounts

If you are a sole trader, partnership or limited company you will need to prepare Annual Accounts. You need to find somebody you can rely on!