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You will have noticed by now that under our Corporate Identity are three words; Advice, Partnership and Growth. What do these mean and why have we used them?

About Us

We would like to explain this basic philosophy built around our business and what we offer our Clients.


We can offer clients advice and help on financial matters in all areas of their business. It’s based on years of experience and a real passion for the sector.


Whilst many others say it we truly believe that working in a full and open partnership with our clients delivers the results we all want.


This is central to all business success, growth in turnover, margin and profitability. We help you work toward your goals in each of these areas.

We have been asked why we chose our name Root Accountants? Most businesses are built on strong foundations which support their day-to-day activities and underpin and help them to grow. This is very similar to the root systems that plants and trees use. They provide the nutrients and the solid base that enables healthy growth and sustainability. What better way to describe what we want to provide our clients!

And to help you put a name to the two founding partners of Root Accountants, along with our first-rate staff, please read a little about us:-

Sonia Reynolds

Sonia Reynolds ACA CTA - Director

Lynn Bowes

Lynn Bowes FMAAT - Director

Sue Espiner

Sue Espiner - Admin Manager

Chris Brown

Chris Brown - Accounts/Bookkeeping

Andy Oliver

Andy Oliver - Accounts

Akeelah Iftakhar

Akeelah Iftakhar - Bookkeeping

Vicky Howard - Payroll

If you want a no obligation chat about what you are looking for from your accountancy partner please get in touch. We know you will not regret it!


New Start Ups

One third of new businesses fail within the first three years. A new business needs financial planning, monitoring and reporting putting in place to avoid failure. We are here to ensure you get the advice you need.


Going For Growth

More established businesses need to go through the growth cycle. The business has survived the difficult early years, and developed its products and services. Where do you go from here?