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Are you a New Start Up? It is a sad fact that one third of new businesses fail within the first three years. We are here to ensure you don’t join this statistic!

New Start Ups

The four main reasons for business failure are:

Cash flow problems
Insufficient finance
Inadequate financial planning
Poor control systems.

At Root Accountants we will help you to consider, plan, and deal with, the following areas of your business:

  • Accounting records and preparation
  • Management accounts
  • Remuneration planning
  • Preparing and monitoring cash flow projections
  • Taxation Planning
  • VAT and Payroll.

How we can help

Working for yourself can be very rewarding and, in many cases, highly profitable too. It's a chance to do something that really interests you in a way that can fit in with your lifestyle and commitments. That's not to say that it is an easy option!

New business start-ups are notoriously fickle and many end in failure. You could end up working ridiculously long hours, dealing with all the red tape, and investing a lot of money, only for the business to fail in the end.

Fortunately, when it comes to starting your own business, there’s plenty of help and advice to help you avoid this. And Root Accountants are part of that success framework. Our Business Start Up Services include:

Financial Planning

Advice and assistance on what and how you draw money from your business, ensuring you are aware of VAT and PAYE financial obligations. We help you to take control of your new business.

Business Growth

As a new start up advances it will go through growing pains. We are experienced in the day to day financial needs of a business and can guide you through this period.

Accountancy Services

From day one you need to ensure you are complying with many financial areas, from cash flow to payroll. We can provide the expert back-up you need.


With any new business it is important to understand your tax commitments. We can handle all the legal requirements and payment planning for personal and business tax.


Start Up Success Stories

Don’t just believe us, see what we have achieved for others. We have an ever growing library of Case Studies covering our business start up clients.


Are you a consultant, freelancer or contractor?

One of our specialisms is working with this group. We are highly experienced in IR35 Taxation and have been trained and registered by one of the UK’s leading IR35 Tax Specialists.


Let’s Talk

We would be delighted to meet you, free and without obligation, to confidentially discuss where you would like your new business to be, and how we might help you get there.