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At Root Accountants we realise a business requires regular and up-to-date management information in order to make informed decisions about its future.

Management Accounts

Management accounts information helps control costs and allows business owners and manager to monitor results.

We help our clients achieve this by providing management information on a monthly, quarterly or half yearly basis tailored to suit their individual requirements. We aim to provide you with comprehensive support to help expand your business and maximise your profits.This service includes:

  • Financial Statistics – providing statistical information such as details on customer and product activity levels.
  • Accounts – the production of monthly, quarterly or half yearly management accounts and the generation of specific key performance indicators.
  • Management Reports – these can include actual versus budget performance, benchmarking & key performance indicators.



Profit/Cash Flow Forecasting

Regular profit and cash flow forecasts are vital to business owners and managers. Without them you face an uphill struggle no matter what age or size your business is!



Financial Planning

You need to receive the highest standard of independent professional advice from a firm you can trust to plan effectively for you.