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The Growth period in a business’s life is extremely important and careful planning is paramount. The business has survived the difficult early years, and developed its products and services. Where do you go from here?

Going for Growth

The question now is:-

How do you take the business forward?

How large do you want it to grow?

What are your aims for the business and yourself?

We can help with the financial monitoring and planning aspects of this growth stage:

  • Ensure that there are financial systems in place to monitor and report performance and help you manage the business.
  • Provide information to help you control and improve areas of your business such as cash flow, costs and profits.
  • Ensure you are paying Corporation and Self Assessment tax at the right levels.

How we can help

Many businesses reach a plateau and don't develop in terms of turnover, sales or profitability. So how do you move forward?

It's a common problem with businesses of all sizes, micro, SME's and large organisations. How to get out of this scenario is a complex mix of financial planning, business development and capital investment.

It's proven that many businesses lack the internal financial capability to move into major growth. That's where we come in, we can provide the financial information that will help you to overcome your growing pains and move on to the next level.

We can work with you to achieve your growth ambitions. At Root Accountants we offer a partnership for business expansion covering:

Financial Planning

Looking at what you need to achieve your ambitions from a personal and business perspective. We put you back in charge of your business and its growth.

Accountancy Services

To achieve growth all the basic accountancy building blocks need to be in place and working. We provide all the back-up and advice you need.


As a business grows it needs taxation planning to ensure it can continue to finance its operations and is paying tax at the most efficient levels. We can advise and handle all your personal and business tax affairs.


Growth Success Stories

Don’t just believe us, see what we have achieved for others. We have an ever growing library of Case Studies covering our business growth clients.


Are you a consultant, freelancer or contractor?

One of our specialisms is working with this group. We are highly experienced in IR35 Taxation and have been trained and registered by one of the UK’s leading IR35 Tax Specialists.


Let’s Talk

We would be delighted to meet you, free and without obligation, to confidentially discuss where you would like your new business to be, and how we might help you get there.